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  2. How to present a document orally

How to present a document orally


• Pour prendre votre respiration avant de vous lancer: Well, so,
• As an introduction I'd (would) like to say that …



The document I’m going to talk to you about is a text taken from [+source]
I’m going to present to you a news article entitled [+title] 
What we have here is a novelcalled [+title] 
This is a passage from [+type]written by [+author]
This is an extract from [+type]that deals with [+topic]
 a poemthat addresses the issue of [+topic]
 a talethat tackles [+topic]
 a short storywhich mentions the problem of [+topic]



The text is aboutthe crucial question of …
It’s abouta controversial issue: ...
The text raisesan important topic ...
This texte mentionsthe old problem of …




The setting is / was                                    a big American city

The incident took place in                          the countryside

The event occurred in                                a small English village

The scene takes place in                           a school



• The incident took place                        long ago
• The event occurred                              during the winter

                                                               in the winter
                                                               at night



• The different characters depicted are
• The main character(s) is (are) ….
• The persons involved are / were …




• Basically the story is that of …,
• The plot (l'intrigue) is about
• The heart of the problem is …
• The core of the question is
• The main issue is
• The key topic is



PARTS in the text or in your commentary  

• The text falls into 3 parts                                              the first one,                      from line xx to line xx, concerns …
• The text can be divided into 3 parts                             the second one                  is focused on …
• It is possible to divide the text into 3 parts                                                              is centered on  …
• The passage is made of 3 paragraphs                        the last one                        is based on …
                                                                                                                                 deals with …



A la place d'un "euh.. " bien français essayez:     Go and have a look at this lesson: Gap Fillers
• Eh ..
• You know what I mean, …
• Well .. / So, ….
• You know… /You see ..
• Anyway to get back to the subject …
• What I'm trying to say is that
• Let me think, .. / Give me a second …
• What I mean to say is that …
• Anyway, the point is … (de toutes façons)