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Native Speakers

You are an English-speaking teenager!


Welcome to Mrs Williams’ classroom!



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Let me introduce myself: I am Mrs Williams and I have been teaching English in France for 20 years!

I really enjoy my job, my pupils, English-speaking countries and of course... English!!!


With the begining of internet, I was thinking about creating a website for my pupils but I was very busy a few years ago with my 2 kids!

Now that they have grown up, I've got plenty of time for this new professional project.


In my school, I'm organising penfriends for my pupils with England, Ireland, Scotland and the USA.

That's how it was obvious for me to give the same opportunity to my online pupils!







That's where you, Native speakers, come into play!


On this website, you can register for free to contact a French-speaking teenager or enable a French-speaking student to contact you thanks to my interactive world map!

You will be able to send and answer their messages but only on this website.      Sign up


  • If you are between 10 to 18 years old,
  • if your mother tongue is English or if you have used English as a second language for most of your life and are perfectly fluent,
  • if you would be happy to receive messages from French-speaking students of your age and send them some,


You just have to give your name, date of birth, city and country of origin and here you go! 


So, sign up and join the group for free! 


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For security reasons, you won’t be able to give any personal details to get in touch on any other social media and all your messages may be read by our moderator.


You just have to fill in this form so that a French-speaking student can pick you up and start sending you messages.



The page is monitored by Mrs Williams or one of her teachers.

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