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  2. What is Fortnite?

What is Fortnite?

Do you know Fortnite?

I'm sure you do!

Let's have a look at that video in English that explains how it works.

As you already know what it is all about, just focus on the English, on the vocabulary and on the organisation of the sentences and do the activities.






Exercise 1: Answer the quiz to test your comprehension

In Save the World, how many maximum people could there be in a team?

Exercise 2: Learn your vocabulary

When something becomes smaller like for clothes. In Fortnite, it's the zone   ►   (verbal base)

A 3-word expression which means "To sum up"   ►  

When a product is put on the market, it is .

When you pick up or collect stuff, you .

A ustensile you can use to climb walls   ►   a

The short version of "Ammunition"   ►  

Your abilities, what you can do   ►  

When you behave boastfully, demonstrate proudly, you .