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Attention : en anglais, on utilise toujours l'article 'a' (devant un son consonne) ou 'an' (devant un son voyelle) devant les noms de métiers :

My father is an electrician and my mother is a teacher.   


Part 1: Complete the text with the vocabulary

A takes care of people's teeth.  

A cuts open a person's body and removes or replaces some parts.

A takes care of pets and animals.

A helps women to give birth to babies.

A takes care of sick or injured people, especially in a hospital.



Part 2: Complete the text with the vocabulary

A collects and delivers letters.  

A advises people about the law and represents them in court.

A fights fires and rescues people from dangerous situations.

A is charged with the detection of crime and protection of the general public.

A drives buses.


Part 3: Complete the text with the vocabulary

A creates computer software.  

An designs buildings.

A is employed in a factory.

A has expert knowledge of one science.

An designs and builds machines, roads, bridges...



Part 4: Complete the text with the vocabulary

A designs clothes and accessories.  

An examines the records of money received and paid by a company.

A buys and sells flats and houses.

An helps clients choose insurance policies.

An works in an office.



Part 5: Complete the text with the vocabulary

A is employed to look after children.  

An installs and maintains electrical power.

A connects or repairs water pipes.

A delivers goods to customers.

A works in a garden and takes care of plants.



Part 6: Complete the text with the vocabulary

A trains people in a sport.  

A provides information on monuments and cultural heritage to people.

A serves customers at their tables in a restaurant.

A cooks meals.

A sells goods or food in the street.