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  2. Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys

Empire State of Mind



Look at the video to admire the City that Never Sleeps!


Test your comprehension by filling in the lyrics.


This song by Alicia Keys dates back from 2009 and was released on the American singer's fourth studio album, The Element of Freedom.

It's full name is Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down and was created after Alicia Keys sang on the Jay-Z's  "Empire State of Mind" own  song.

It also appeared in the film "Sex and the City 2".

Alicia Keys – Empire State of mind (Part II)


Oral comprehension: Listen to the song and complete the lyrics.


Ooh....... New York x2


Grew up in a that is famous as a place of scenes

Noise is always , there are sirenes all around and the are mean

If I can make it there, I can make it , that's what they say

Seeing my face in or my name on marquees found down on

if it ain't all it seems, I got a full of dreams

Baby, I'm from New York


Chorus:  Concrete where dreams are made of

There's   we can't do 

Now you're in New York

These streets will make you feel new

Big lights will you

it from New York, New York, New York!        


On the , there ain't never a curfew, work so hard

a melting pot, on the selling rock, 

Preachers pray to

Hail a gypsy-

Takes me down from to the Bridge

Someone will sleep tonight with a  far more than an empty


I'm going to make it by means, I got a full of dreams

Baby, I'm from New York


One in the air for the big ,

Street lights, big all looking

No place in the that can

Put your in the air, say yeah, yeah (x5)

In New York                                     


Written comprehension: 

  1. Find in the text the words “couvre-feu”, “méchants”,  “fronton” (avancée d’une salle de spectacle)
  2. What city is it about?
  3. Is it a quiet place? Give examples from the lyrics.
  4. Can you explain the meaning of “Concrete jungle”?
  5. What are the famous places mentioned?
  6. What is possible in this city? How is it expressed?
  7. Explain the title of the song.


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