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  2. Visit Britain

Visit Britain
A presentation by Jamie Oliver


Watch this introduction by Jamie Oliver to Britain's landscapes, landmarks and traditions!

Exercise 1: Spot these words in the video and translate them thanks to the context:

Repérez ces mots dans la vidéo et traduisez-les grâce au contexte


bustling    ►              countryside   ►             seaside   ►       whether   ►  


Exercise 2: Complete the sentences thanks to the video

Complétez les phrases grâce à la vidéo


Britain is a with so many !

The countryside is really : lush*, .       * luxuriant

The seaside is !

The food can be absolutely : Great-British food can be the in the world!

Great-Britain has loads of .

But the best thing about Great-Britain is its micro-!

It's multicultural for the , the , the , the .

If you can get off the beaten-tracks*, you will an incredible !   

* les sentiers battus

You're !