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  2. William Shakespeare's life

William Shakespeare's life
told in a cartoon

Before starting this activity, make sure you remember your Simple Past lesson and your Irregular Verbs!

Avant de commencer cette activité, soyez sûr(e) de bien vous souvenir de la leçon sur le Simple Past et des verbes irréguliers !


 Simple Past                 Irregular Verbs



Complete this text about William Shakespeare's life:

William Shakespeare was born in , in Stratford-upon-Avon, in .

His father John was a . His mother Mary was a

He had 2 sisters, 2 sisters and 3 brothers. 

William probably studied , and and left school when he was or

Three years later, he Anne Hathaway. They had a called Susanna and called Judith and Hamnet. 

Some time before he left Stratford and went to , the city of

London's first opened in .

Shakespeare in London as an and then started plays too. 

In , The Plague, a terrible disease, thousands of people and theaters were .

During this time, William started to write instead of . His poems are called sonnets.

Shakespeare build a new theatre called .

It in . It was and had space for people. 

At the Globe, some people in front of the stage and others seats.

The shouted, clapped, booed and laughed while they plays. Musicians special noises to make the plays more and they had a to make bangs. 

No women in Shakespeare’s time. Men and boys played .

Shakespeare comedies with endings, like in Midsummer night's dream.

He tragedies which had endings like , and history plays about like Henry V. 

Shakespeare wrote plays, maybe more. He language and invented and expressions that we still use

William rich and . He had in and in .

He   he was 52 on 23rd 1616. 

His and poetry very popular years ago, and they are still popular .

People the world love his work because he wonderful stories about very interesting