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Discover London



London is the capital of England and of the United Kingdom.

It is situated in the South, not far from the Channel, the sea between France and England.



There is a River, crossing the city, the River Thames.



London is very famous for Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Big Ben is a clock tower, and the Houses of Parliament are the heart of the political life of England.




The English Monarch lives in Buckingham Palace when they are in London.

The Palace has got 775 rooms:19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms.




An other Palace is very important in London: the Tower of London.

It is very old, almost 1000 years old! 

You can visit it today to see a lot of different collections and the Crown Jewels!





Next to the Tower of London, there is the very famous white and blue bridge: Tower Bridge!



The London Eye is a very big observation wheel composed of 32 capsules that can take you up to 400 meters high!

What a view on London!



Trafalgar Square is the place where Londoners and tourists meet for the New Year or when they want to celebrate something very imortant like the Olympic Games for example.

It is composed of the National Gallery, a very important museum, the Nelson's Column in honor of Admiral Nelson who defeated Napoleon, fountains and big sculpted lions.









The British Museum is a fantastic place to visit with its wonderful architecture! 

It's full of treasures from Egypt.

Don't miss it if you go to London!





The Natural History Museum is worth a visit too!

The collections of animals are amazing and the main gallery is beautiful.

You will see a blue whale and lots of dinosaurs.




Picadilly Circus is a famous place which looks like Time Square in New York City with all the lights.

It's near Leicester Square and all the theatres.

Exercise 1: Vocabulary

pas loin de   ►                               La Manche    ►  The

traversant   ►                                     célèbre    ►  

une horloge    ►  a                  le coeur    ►  the

un invité  ►  a                                       une pièce   ►  a

l'état   ►  the                                          le personnel    ►  the

un bureau   ►   an                               une chambre    ►  a

une salle de bain   ►  a                  un autre    ►  

presque   ►                                       des bijoux   ►  

un pont   ►  a                                    une roue      ►  a

rencontrer   ►                                       vouloir    ►  

merveilleuse   ►                               rater    ►  

des trésors   ►                                 valoir la peine de   ►  be             

fantastique     ►                                une baleine   ►  a

les lumières   ►                                     près    ►  



Now, do the quiz to test your comprehension:

What is the name of the River which flows in London?