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  2. The US Presidential Election

The US Presidential Election

American flag with globe and Vote 2020 Presidential Electi… | Flickr



On November 3rd, the Americans will elect their new president.













The 2 candidates are Donald Trump and Joe Bidden.


Republican Elephant & Democratic Donkey - Icons | Republican… | Flickr



There are 2 political parties in the USA: The Republicans and the Democrats.

Trump is a Republican and Bidden a Democrat.


The Elephant represents the Republicans.

The Donkey represents the Democrats.





The new President will start his new job on January 20th after a ceremony at the Capitol.


He is elected for 4 years.


Barrack Obama was the 44th President, Trump is the 45th.



File:White House DC.JPG - Wikimedia Commons





The President of the USA lives in the White House in Washington DC, the capital of the USA.