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  2. Famous American Presidents

Famous American Presidents




Look at those famous American Presidents and discover who they are.

What American president is it? Read the statements and write his surname in the box.

ex: He is the current American President.   ►  Trump


He was a famous actor from California.   ►  

He was the first American President.    ►  

He was an Ambassador of the USA in France.    ►  

He is the only American president to have been elected 3 times.   ►  

He was the 1st US President of African origins.    ►    

He was assasinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963.   ►  

He was the 3rd US president.    ►  

He was the president during the 2nd World War.    ►  

He had an affair with a very famous actress called Marilyn Monroe.    ►    

He is a rich businessman with lots of hotels and buildings all around the world.     ►    

He signed the freedom of Black slaves in 1861.    ►    

He was a very powerfull general during the Independance War against the British.     ►